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We are working hard on bringing a competitive and successful product to the market using premium resources sourced straight from our trusted suppliers.

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Our Company

Here at Expresso, we took coffee, an everyday beverage, optimised it and created a coffee formula guaranteed to satisfy any coffee enthusiast. With our simple packaging design, a AAA quality cup of coffee can be prepared in seconds.

After we succeeded to sell enough of our shares issued and secured the necessary initial capital, we set out to set up a production chain for our product. Through sales strategies and directed marketing Expresso became known in the market and demand for the product began to arise.

Through the hard work of our team, it was possible for this company to exist. With perfect planning by our CEO, meticulous number-crunching by our CFO and thorough market analysis by the sales department the company was able to start up. Moreover, efforts from the production team to create a manufacturing plan along with widespread advertisement by the marketing team lead to us being able to have our product ready and start selling.

Even though we had many struggles as a company, we pulled through and we believe that we are on the right track to becoming a successful firm. With the help of our mentor, local businesses and networking, Expresso is now the brand of the expected grade.

With the learning experiences provided by running a student company, we have grown in character and are now more prepared to enter and compete in the real world. We plan to carry on developing and working with this company to see what the future holds for us.

Our Mission:

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks worldwide, as people become busier and busier the need for a quick to prepare, qualitative in taste and with a variety of flavours, a cup of coffee becomes a necessity. We, the Expresso team, set out on our journey to provide these people with a way to brew premium coffee in mere seconds. Expresso will guarantee the most satisfactory coffee experience with minimal effort left to the consumer. Through our product, we aim to satisfy the coffee consuming masses by delivering our product conveniently, even at a customer’s doorstep.

The Product:

We produce user-friendly single-serving packets of coffee, which can be purchased in various flavours guaranteed to meet any coffee enthusiast’s needs. Our eco-friendly packaging ensures no damage to the environment, and the compact size of a single serving packet allows painless preparation of a hot and fresh cup of coffee even while on the go. If a customer is not certain of what coffee they would enjoy the most, we cater a starter pack which consists of two packets of each of our six different prepared flavour combinations, so they can have a sample of which coffee flavour to choose from. Additionally, anyone can effortlessly choose which flavours they wish to include in a custom package to order through our navigable website structure.

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Our Team

Meet each of our crew members 

Alexis Shiacolas


Charalambos Koureas


Christodoulos Anastasiou

IT Manager/Sales Manager

Polis Kladeftiras

Production Management

Nicolas Solomonides

Production Management

Giorgos Eleftheriou

Marketing Department

Constandinos Papamichael

Marketing Department

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