Starter Pack


A starter pack containing 12 servings of our 7 instant coffee flavour combinations

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This starter pack is for new customers interested in trying out our products, as it contains all of our seven different prepared flavour combinations for a total of 12 servings. Our flavours have been specifically picked to please and favour the vast majority of coffee lovers using premium sourced coffee.


1*Black Instant Coffee

1*Sweet Instant Coffee

2*Regular Signature Instant Coffee (skimmed milk + sugar)

2*Caramel flavoured Instant Coffee

2*Hazelnut flavoured Instant Coffee

2*Chocolate flavoured Instant Coffee

2*Vanilla flavoured Instant Coffee


-Tear apart the sticker holding the coffee bag closed

-Empty the contents in 300-400ml of hot or cold water

-For hot water stir with a teaspoon until the powder dissolves,

-For cold water use a sealed container such as a 3/4 filled 500ml water bottle or shaker to thoroughly shake and prepare the drink. You may also use a Frappe mixer to achieve an even better result.

-Enjoy your drink and don’t forget to give us feedback on how to improve it



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