Terms & Conditions


Expresso JA Cy sells products, and serves only customers within the Republic of Cyprus, while it participates in the Junior Achievement Cyprus competition.

Expresso JA Cy has the right to amend and/or update the present Terms and Conditions without prior notice, whenever it deems necessary, with the obligation to notify all users by updating this document. 


The term ‘’Seller’’ shall refer to Expresso JA Cy, hereinafter ‘’Expresso’’. The term ‘’Buyer’’ shall refer to a business/legal entity or individual purchasing products from the Seller. The term ‘’Product’’ shall refer to the Seller’s products which are being purchased by the Buyer.


Buyers are informed about the availability of products. Expresso is not the manufacturer or producer of the products listed on the site, but only the one packaging the already finished product, and the information provided for each product is used for information purposes only. Expresso has no liability for any defective product and/or inaccurate information regarding the supplier’s goods included on the site. Such liability rests on the individual suppliers. 

Limitation of Liability

Expresso provides the content (e.g. information, name, image) of the products and in no event shall it be responsible for any legal, civil and criminal claim regarding any damages caused by others in relation to the operation and/or use of the site.

Expresso bears no responsibility for any difference between the image displayed and the actual product purchased by the Buyer.

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